Materials matching "2003"

104: Research material into the MACLeather bylaws: By-Laws of the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, probably 2003, By-Laws of the Ottawa Knights leather society. By-laws of the Mr Leatherman Toronto Competition Inc. National Leather Contest Official Contestant Packet. (A4 paper)
105: MACLeather 2003-04-05 Meeting minutes. 2005-05-03 financial documents & minutes. 2004-03-06 Annual General Meeting notes. 2003-12-31 Financial statements. 2004 Chair's report. 2004 financial report. 2004 Sponsor list. (A4 paper)
83: 2002: Mr Atlantic Leather 2003, 2002-10 in Moncton Schedule of Events (A4 paper photocopy, printout of email) 📷
96: 2003: Mr Leatherman Toronto Competition Inc Policy for Titleholders amended 2003-03-13 (A4 paper)
90: 2003: MACLeather Bylaws filed 2003-06-30 (A4 paper)
134: ca. 2003: Bushes Against Bush patch. Donor says: "A screen printed patch from a Radical Cheerleaders demo during the Bush war on Iraq -- there was a march in Halifax. I don't remember the exact date, likely 2003 or so." (screenprinted cloth patch) 📷