Singer Featherweight Model 222K

Most of the million or so Featherweights are Model 221; the 222K is the free-arm version, and only nine or ten thousand of them were built. They look extremely similar to the 221 (my mom's is a 221, here's its page) but have two extra features:

All of the 222Ks came from the Singer Clydesbank factory in Kilbowie, on the bank of the River Clyde, Scotland. Made of cast alloy and considered possibly the finest Singer ever made, it is said that it took a team of engineers six months to design her -- she epitomizes the best of Scottish precision engineering and manufacture.

Thanks very much to friends Andy and Laurie for parting with this beautiful machine in April 2003.

This machine's serial number, EK326499, indicates that it was built shortly after the 14th of March, 1955.

Here's some Photoshop magic showing the 222K with its bed off and on.