2009-07 July


The question: What's the date on this photo? Approximate dates or guesses are totally OK.

Based on information from Anne Bishop, we know that this is between 1990 and 1992.

-- Daniel MacKay 2009-06-16 16:52

This was taken before I moved back to Halifax from Toronto so that would put it more 1990 - mid 1991

-- Reg Giles 2009-06-16 19:22

Mid 1991..and it was taken down at the club there on Gottigen..think its a name of someone..near north and gottigen..near Uniake sq..ah..I think its the George Dixon Center..and this may have occurred after a take back the night march..as it was in the evening..they were all in such great spirits

-- anita1939 2009-06-17 03:55

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