2006 in Review

Hello, friend!
If you're getting this, it means we haven’t spoken for a while :-) It’s been quite a year.

In the spring, we were on the team — Norval was the chair, as a matter of fact — that organized a national conference of about a hundred Pride organizers. Among many other things, I got to hand out Orders Of Good Cheer while dressed as a monk.

In May, seizing the opportunity of all three brothers being together in Halifax, Gary, Mike and I visited my dad and Eileen in French River - near Kensington. We travelled together; you can see the nose of Gary's Westphalia VW camper.

In August and September… a whole lot changed. Norval moved to the not-so-far-away McDonald Building, and I bought the house on Union Street! So there was a lot of rearrangement of people… and things. Norval's driving his beloved Volvo S70, and after living without a car for a while, I decided I couldn't cope, and chased a few Volvo 740s around Halifax until I found one someone who wanted to part with it. It was also time for a new Mac laptop, phone, and Palm.

And, the house got a new “cock” this summer. Many men and one ho’ were necessary to install the new water line cock.
In September, Mike and I spent a very fun weekend camping in Northern New Brunswick in Gary's Westie. To break camp: pop down the lid, swivel the seats around to face the front, turn the ignition key.

Our buddy Paul playing in The Magic Flute in Moncton!
Joe has moved back to Nova Scotia and is living in what will be the guest bedroom and study at Union St — where many of you had meals over the last many years. The dining room has moved to where the piano used to be, where the dining room originally was.
Gary has moved back from Sand Land and moved in to Union St! He’s got the spare room.
My job is steady and rewarding. I’m working with extremely fun people and doing different things every week.

In conclusion, friends -- all the best, and I hope to be able to catch up with you in person, soon. -dan.