A much shorter than usual Christmas note this year -- it's hard to beat last fall's trip to Paris, Germany and Poland. Perhaps the most memorable day of 2004 was Remembrance Day when money I had been awaiting for 14 months finally appeared in my company bank account! Great times for the year included the traditional Robbie Burns dinner, a local fabulous production of Cats, the amazing Clam Harbour Sand Sculpture Festival, many camping trips with friends, the farewell concert by Cher, a big bbq at Union Street in July, work trips to Washington DC, Vancouver and Toronto, and Costa Rica. September's Washington trip involved riding my motorcycle to Quebec City to meet up with Dan and Frank, our friend from Germany, on my return. From Quebec City, we biked to Vermont, and then across New Hampshire to Maine, with the ferry back to Nova Scotia. We even rode our bikes past President Bush's place in Kennebunkport while he was in residence. The year wrapped up with two great drumming concerts, leaving me with the crazy desire to get an African drumming group together. Have a great 2005!!