August '99 Vacation: Nova Scotia & PEI with Mike & Phil

Mike and Phil flew to Halifax and we spent a week in intense relaxation in Nova Scotia and PEI, eating, drinking, and partying really way more than any four guys should and definitely having much more fun than anyone has a right to.
A two hour hike, overnight camping, and an afternoon's swimming in the Bay of Fundy at Cape Split, NS. Click the link to see an aerial view of the Cape.
Deep sea handlining with my cousin Clark, out of French River, PEI. We caught dozens of cod, 180 pounds or so. Clark and Earl and Norval gutted and filletted the cod right on the boat.
An afternoon of sunning and swimming at Blooming Point Beach in PEI.
Mike, Phil and Dan diving in at Crystal Crescent Beach, NS. The water was warm enough to swim all afternoon, very unusual for NS.
At the end of the vacation, our closing banquet at Halifax's Seaview Lookoff Park.