VT/NH July 01 Scrapbook

These are a few pictures from our (Norval, Mike, and Dan's) motorcycle summer vacation. We took the ferry from Yarmouth to Bar Harbour, the next day drove to Mike and Phil's in central Vermont/New Hampshire for a few days, then we all went to Montreal for a day or so, and Quebec City for a day or so. Then Mike and Phil returned home and we burned east on the Trans Canada, 3000km in all.

These pictures were taken with my beautiful Sony DSC-P1 digital camera, a gift from my brother Gary.

This is why Mike's bike didn't go on the trip.

Mike in their home theatre

Dan & Phil in the theatre. Yes, the three of us went blond for this trip.

The Swimming Hole - Norv, Mike, Dan & Phil doing lunch

it was a crowded day

on a ledge in the middle

all four of us together - thanks Armand!

Mike & Phil's house, front door & garage

the other front door.

Mike and Phil took us to the circus!

this is the main entrance - the band is above, you can see the trumpet player.

This is a clown with a leaf blower and, yes, a whole roll of toilet paper in the air.

He was joined by six assistants, and this is what seven rolls of toilet paper illuminated by black light looks like.

And this was dinner that night.

The next day we went to Franconia Notch. Norval got to ride the pony while we waited for a table at the pancake house.

And this is what the interstate looked like from the arial tram.

Show off that tongue Mike!

More views from the top.

Norval and Mike take a rest.

This is a hunky guy at a swimming hole in Lincoln, NH. But he's from Lowell, Mass.

Phil playing otter at that swimming hole

A huge bug that Mike found

Final dinner at the Swiss Chalet in Fredericton

And no scrapbook would be complete without a pic of the Big Cow and her Big Calf in Sussex.

Slideshow code by Daniel MacKay, based on ideas from Gustav Evertsson