Gay / GLBQ Pride March Chants


Who cares what Dr Laura Says?
'cuz your daughter might be a lez
You can't change her, no matter what you like
If she's gonna grow up to be a dyke

2, 4, 6, 8, gay men do not fornicate!

2, 4, 6, 8, do you know your X is straight?

For parades with lots of out-of-towners:
2, 4, 6, 8, all these tourists can't be straight!

Sexist, racist, anti-gay! Born-again bigots, GO AWAY!

We're here, we're queer,

If you're queer and you know it,

Hey ho, hey ho, homophobia's got to go!

The leader speaks the name of the victim of anti-gay violence and the crowd chants back "Never again!"
e.g. Matthew Shehard! NEVER AGAIN!
Billy Jack Gaither! NEVER AGAIN!

Come out, come out wherever you are!
Come out of your closet, come out of your car!
Come out of your tears, come out of your fears!
Come out, come out wherever you are!

Out of the kitchens and into the streets!
Out of the offices, and into the streets!
Out of the closets, and into the streets!
All unite! Fight for our rights!

From closets and masks - our courage will free us!
From bigots and haters - our courage will free us!
From bashers and baiters - our courage will free us!
To justice and pride - our courage will free us!

Over And Over

Government knows what makes a good life
Men can't be partners, there must be a wife

Chorus: Over and over they trip us with laws
Over and over we fight for the cause.

Never mind pensions or medical plans
Lesbian partners just need a man


Family's a man, a wife and a kid,
All other versions they put on the lid


Over and over and over and over,
over and over again!!

We shall not be moved

We are men and we are women, we shall not be moved
Just like a tree that's standing by the water, &c
We are gay and straight together, &c
We are black and white and native, &c
We're your sisters and your brothers, &c

We're the women - that's right!
We're the men - let's shout!
We are the people - yeah!
That you were warned about!

On your sidewalks - that's right!
In your dreams - every night!
We are the people - yeah!
That you were warned about!

Who are the people / dancing in the street?
Who are the people / dancing to the beat?
Who are the people / singing in the gale?
It's an army of lovers!
An army of lovers!
And an army of lovers cannot fail!

Do you know your boss is straight? Are you really certain? Could it be your boss is here, wrapped up in a curtain?

Chorus: Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you really sure?

Are you sure your teacher's straight, as a piece of chalk?
Could it be your teacher's here, just around the block!


Are you sure your doctor's straight? What about your brother?
See those women just ahead? One of them's your mother!


From the '93 MOW:

1, 2, 3, 4
What the hell are we marching for
Equal rights and nothing more
So come on folks, let's hear you roar!

5, 6, 7, 8
Stop the lies and stop the hate
Open your eyes, it's not too late
Show your pride and celebrate!

We are the people in your neighborhood
in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood
Yes, we are the people in your neighborhood
the people that you meet, when you're walkin' down the street
the people that you meet each day.

1998 -- The Tinky Winky Chant

One Two Three Four
Who are we marching for?
Tinky is marshall today,
Falwell knows the toy is gay!

Tinky-Winky is an queer icon
Dressed to please with clothing on
Dressed to be our ambasador
Someone everyone can adore!

Thank you, Tinky, for your fashion sense,
Makes the paranoid phobies tense,
Tinky, show us how you score,
Swat them with that purse of yours!

Tinky, tell us what to say,
Tell us, Tinky, on our day,
Tell us, Tinky, your refrain
Tinky, do it, Again! Again!

"No hell we dread, when we are dead,
No Gorgon nor no Fury
And while we live, we'll drink and fuck,
In spite of judge and jury"
Samuel Sheppard: The Devill turn'd Ranter(1651) 


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Maura says, "Having led with the megaphone for several years, I've found that shouted chants work best -- people can easily remember them and they don't have fancy tunes that are easy to sing wrong."

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