Existing Solar Projects in NS

Richmond County, NS

St. Peters, Cape Breton

Keywords: active, dhw, hydronic space heating, passive, retrofit

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Renovation of a 100 year-old house to increase storage space and retrofit active solar hydronic in-floor heating. Solar pre-heating of domestic hot water was also implemented to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Lot Characteristics

North side of inlet, open field slopes towards the water.


This system uses seven "Ultra Clear Glazed" grid panels which are attached to the roof. Four of the panels are fastened flat to the roof at less than 45 degrees. To account for the shallow angle, the other three were hoisted steeper than 45 degrees to optimize collection. The in-floor hydronic loops containing a glycol solution were installed into the basement floor only. The back-up heating system consists of an oil to hot air furnace. A "Tube-in-Shell" heat exchanger transfers heat to two insulated domestic hot water storage tanks. A back up heater is powered by electricity. The passive solar heating portion consists of large, south facing windows.


1. Thermo Dynamics Ltd. supplied the seven panels, heat exchanger, and the two storage tanks. Tel: (902) 468-1001 http://www.thermo-dynamics.com/ 2. Plumbing and in-floor Kitec loops supplied by SunRoss Energy Systems. Cleveland, NS Tel: 902-625-1539 www.sunrossenergy.ca


Donald Sutherland, SunRoss Energy Systems, info@sunrossenergy.ca, www.sunrossenergy.ca, Tel: 902-625-1539, Cell: 902-227-0026

What would we do different?

Implement an option to direct stored hot water from the solar pre-heated tanks to in-floor heating loops.

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