Existing Solar Projects in NS

Pictou County, NS

River John

Keywords: active, air space heating, solar hot air

Built In:
1200 sq ft, 1 baths, 3 bedrooms.
Energy Percents:
% passive, 25 % active, % external
External Sources:
Oil: 100 litres, Wood: 4 cords,
Cost & Value:
Cost: $90,000, Assessed value:


To supplement wood heat when sun is available

Lot Characteristics



House has a south facing wall with 2 vertical solar panels, each 4x8ft. The panels are made from flexible aluminum tubing with with collector box at the top and bottom. The box is built of extruded aluminum with a foam back and "Lexan" glazing. Air goes in the bottom from the basement at 62-65 degrees F and comes back out at the base as high as 114 degrees F. A full sun at noon (150 cfm) will give over 7000BTUs in ideal conditions. Recently witnessed an increase from 62 to 102 degrees F.






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What would we do different?

Outstanding results have been achieved by using the right solar paint, the proper fan, and an all aluminum frame. Commercial systems have been found to provide up to 3000BTUs less than this system.

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