Existing Solar Projects in NS

Avalon NF


Keywords: active, air space heating, CanSolAir

sq ft, 0 baths, 0 bedrooms.
Energy Percents:
% passive, 10% % active, % external
External Sources:
Cost & Value:
Cost: , Assessed value:


To provide supplemental solar air heating.

Economics & Performance

Saving money and fuel while cutting pollution.


Hot water furnace with base board heaters heating a large bungalow. Solar panel shuts down the existing heating system on any day the sun shines.


Cansolair Inc.


Cansolair Inc.


Nice mellow heat and it adds dust filtration to the existing heating system besides saving money and helping to cut the pollutants from burning oil.

What would we do different?

will get a South East facing unit to go with the South West facing unit for earlier cut in time of solar heating and earlier cut out time of furnace and even greater energy savings.

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