Who's the party for?

Well, the guest of honour, of course, is TCP.

All pioneers and long-time users of the Internet are welcome. We'll be doing our best to spread the word via every medium available to us, and you can help — if you know a person who was involved or a group that has Internet oldtimers in it, please forward on, this note.


…you might want to be at this party.


Refreshments and finger food for Halifax's digerati. This is not a videoconference, an e-meeting, a blog, WoW, Second Life, ting, bliki, moo, mud, or gobby. It's a real-life press-the-flesh, real wine and real cheese, face-to-face reception.

Musical entertainment will be provided by the talented and lovely Amy Brandon.


This celebration is on the afternoon of New Year's Day, to celebrate 25 years of TCP/IP. If you wear a propeller on your hat (and, that's encouraged at this party) it's 2008-01-01T12:00 to 16:00.


The venue sponsor is TARA, 5562 Sackville Street, near South Park, in Halifax. It's across from the Citadel Hill Garrison Grounds, between the CBC Radio building and the Garrison Condo units. Use the main entrance, glass atrium doors, located between the TARA building and the condo. Please sign in with the commissionaire and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.


On 1983-01-01, Internet engineers turned off the very limited NCP protocol and turned on TCP, the one we use today, creating a network that could grow to where we are today and beyond. Because it was a change that happened at all points on the net on one day, we called it Flag Day, and that's the most logical date of origin of the Internet. The switchover had been planned for years, and was carefully documented in numerous RFCs.

We ought not to let pass unnoticed the 25th anniversary, and since Halifax has a several-centuries tradition of New Years Day levees, when the well-off families would open the doors of their stately homes for all, a party on New Years Day makes even more sense.

So, on New Year's Eve, hoist one for the 25th anniversary of the Internet, and the next day, join your fellow IP geeks for a chinwag about old times.