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I've had a Palm since the mid-'90s and in 2010-04, got an iPhone. Switching over was a lot of work. I have five hundred contacts (with lots of notes and birthdays) eight hundred memos, hundreds of web and other passwords, and about a hundred to-dos.

Here's a list of Palm applications, and what I've replaced them with on the iPhone:

Palm AppWhat It DoesiPhone App
Page 1Frequently Used
Big Clock 4 World clocks, 4 alarms, 4 timers Almost entirely replaced by iPhone clock
HandyShopperSophisticated list management SplashShopper is a superset, but has a bit of a learning curve
Parens Regular, scientific, statistical, time, unit conversions, currency calculator Measures
Flashlight Tiltmeter
Bubble level,Flashlight Pro
Progect Mini project manager Most functions replaced by 2DO
Note Pad Thousands of memos about all kinds of things, arranged in folders Evernote (syncs to your laptop and The Cloud)
SecurID Token Single-use password 2-factor authentication Also available on iPhone
Strip Securely store passwords PasswordWallet. Syncs to desktop version
Plays 20,000 radio stations, scanners from all over the world (and podcasts.) Some feeds can play in the background while you use the iPhone for other stuff. By FAR the most used app on my iPhone Pocket Tunes Radio
Remote trackpad or laserpointer type mouse + keyboard for your Mac Air Mouse
Page 2Social Networking + Less Frequently Used
ptelnet telnet client iSSH
!IPCalc IP subnet calculator aSubnet
Car Mileage AccuFuel
MoneyBoxCalculate who-owes-who-what when travelling with several friends and sharing expenses Shared Expenses
UnitsIQUniversal unit converter - several thousand units Measures
SMS Text Message Client Built-In "Messages"
Skype Client Skype
Facebook ClientFacebook
MSN Client iMSN+
IRC Client Colloquy
Traceroute Nice Trace (this and Scany are really beautiful apps)
"nmap" type network scanner Scany
Barcode scanners Zbar, RedLaser, ScanLife, Cyclops
Page 3Radio + Music
Beat Match Tell you the BPM of a music by tapping on the screen Tempo Tapper
Find the local CBC streamed audio, play CBC podcasts and on-demand content CBC Radio
Play public radio stations. Includes an alarm clock radio & "sleep" auto shut off function.Public Radio
Other players YouTube
Music creation NLogFree, Ocarina, Cleartune, ChurchOrgan, Theremin, SoundLevel, TempoTapper, RjDj
Page 4Clocks, Maps & Financial
Dali Clock Classic graphic application DaliClock
Earth & Sun An orrery Worlds Apart
Report location of cops & road hazards Trapster
HappyDaysCollect upcoming birthdays from the address book & present them HappyDays
ReDoScheduled insertion of items into your to-do list 2Do has this functionality built in
TimeDistCalculate distance of lightening, from #seconds until thunder Lightning Timer
Sunset & Sunrise CityTime
HandMap?Mapping native "Maps", Google Earth, Compass
Page 5Games
Snail Mail, A Free Level, Animals, JellyCar, Seismometer, Ow My Balls, Spyglass
Not Replaced
ChemTablePeriodic Table of the Elements
Ear Trainer Musical interval training
Data Pro Logging of data from scientific equipment
CountIT"Click" type event counter, e.g. for people entering a room
!NLog Shortwave Listening Log Book

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